NSC is pioneer in carrying out Safety Audits for industries and other institutions since decades. NSC audit report offers a comprehensive guidance in improvement on health, safety and environmental issues for industries on viz. petrochemicals, chemicals, cement, power sectors, fertilizer, insecticide, pharmaceuticals, paper and also for engineering firms, construction sites, hotel, hospital, co-operative society buildings, schools, office premises, etc.


Safety Audit is carried out by experts in the respective fields who examine management system, facilities and activities of the organization on safety aspects assess the prevailing hazards, the level of prevention, protection and emergency management preparedness and subsequently prepare a recommendation to upgrade safety inputs to avert mishaps and limit consequences.


The objective of safety audit is to:

  • Verify compliance with established standards (regulations, internal policies and industry wise standards of practice)
  • Identify deviation from designed and planned operating and maintenance procedure and standards.
  • Identify conditions or operating procedures that could lead to an accident and significant losses to life or property.



General Safety Audit


The General Safety Audit encompasses almost all aspects of safety namely the  Safety Management System, Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, Mechanical Safety, Maintenance, Physical & Chemical  and construction safety.


The audit is carried out as per IS 14489 :1998 on "Code of Practice on Occupational Safety & Health Audit" to check the compliance with the Factories Act, 1948 and Rules for respective states, The Environmental Protection Act & Rules, the Electricity Act & the Indian Electricity Rules, the  Explosives Act & Rules and other important Indian Statutory requirements and Standards.



Fire Safety Audit


As per record of Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, around 20,000 people die every year till date due to fire incident only. Fire in any occupancy has potential to cause severe damages to both life and property. 


Fire Safety audit is an effective tool for assessing fire safety status in industry, laboratories, office, hotel, malls, hospitals, schools etc. The audit helps to identify the areas for improvement in fire safety measures in fire prevention, protection and mitigation system in case of fire. The audit provides an action plan which is a useful for fire prevention and mitigation and emergency preparedness.

NSC conducts Fire Safety Audit as per The Factories Act, the Petroleum Act, the Electricity Act & the Indian Electricity Rules & National Building Code of India and other relevant safety standards.



Electrical Safety Audit


Over 40% fire accidents happen due to fault in electric circuits, connections and always electrical system is a threat to safety of people and their property in the form of shocks, burns, injury, fire and explosion which cause damage to expensive communication equipment, loss of data, fire in cable gallery, etc.


Electrical Safety Audit is applicable for Industries, Power sector, Service sectors such as IT Parks, Hotels and Telecommunications.


NSC is conducting Electrical audit as per The Electricity Act and the Indian Electricity Rules and related standards.



Construction Safety Audit


Being temporary phase in nature, the construction sectors are the most vulnerable phase of industries or businesses involving large temporary worker force and involving maximum number of accidents.


NSC is one of the leading organizations who started construction safety audit for large & small construction companies and these were eye openers to the companies towards safety improvement.


NSC conducts Construction Audits as per the BOCW Act and Rules, National Building Code of India, 2005, the Electricity Act & the Indian Electricity Rules and other relevant  Standards.


Construction Audit evaluates :

  • Management System, Safety Organization and Committees, HSE Awareness and Training, Work Permit Systems, Medical Facilities and First Aid, Incident Reporting & Analysis and Emergency Preparedness / Response plan.
  • Safety in Excavation, Blasting, Piling, Scaffolding, Working at Height, Formwork and Concreting, Material Handling, Grinding, Welding & Gas Cutting, Plant & Machinery, Electrical Safety, Fire Protection, House Keeping, Occupational Health & Hygiene, Environment Management.


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