Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is proven technique that helps the management to recognize hazard and control accidents in work place.  Procedure is used to review job methods and uncover hazards.  JSA is an accident prevention tool.   

Establishing Job Safety Analysis is carefully studying and recording each step of a job, identifying existing or potential job hazards (for safety and health aspect) and determining the best way to perform the job or to reduce or eliminate accidents. 

A checklist prepared from JSA is a handy system to use in day to day work activities, which would positively reduce accident and its related losses and would increase productivity.   

NSC carries out Job Safety Analysis as a consultancy service.



NSC studies the Occupational Health status to find out the occupational health status of the workers in industries. 

Provisions based on the Factories Act and the State factories Rules pertaining to medical examination, facilities for occupational health centre, prevalence of notifiable diseases, recording of health status and analysis of the record for necessary action are used to carry out the study. 

The list of notifiable diseases mentioned in the third schedule of the Factories Act is considered during the study.



a) Health and Safety policy 

NSC prepares a Safety Policy which is commitment by the occupier towards protecting Occupational Health & Safety of workers and the environment. The Factories Act under section 7A (3) and state rules are followed as a reference for preparing a Comprehensive Safety Policy. 

b) Safety Manual 

Safety Manual is a document to identify the hazards in the plant/unit and to have a proper management programmes to control the hazards and reduce the accidents. 

The main objective of preparing this manual is to inculcate and maintain safety consciousness among the workers and motivate them to perform their activities in a safe manner. 

NSC is preparing safety manual based on inputs from respective industries. 

c) Safety Report 

Safety Report is a document provided by primarily the Major Accident Hazard industries to the regulatory body, containing information on the facility, its design, accident analysis and provisions to minimize the risk to the site personnel, the public and or the environment. 

Necessity of safety report emerge from the Manufacture Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemical Rules 1989/2000 and the report is to be prepared as per Schedule 8 of the said Rule. 

Objectives of safety report is to

  • identify the nature and scale of the use of hazardous substances in the installation. 
  • provide an account of the arrangements for safe operation of the installation for control of serious deviations that could lead to major accident and for emergency procedures at the site. 
  • identify the type, relatively likelihood and consequences of major accidents that might occur, and 
  • demonstrate that the manufacturer has identified the major hazard potential of his activities and has provided appropriate measures. 

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